At Korbit, we believe that the future of education is interactive and personalized. That is why we build intelligent tutors that empower students to learn at their own pace.

Korbit’s intelligent tutors use machine learning to teach students through interactive exercises and goal-oriented conversations. As the students progress in their learning journey, the intelligent tutor adapts itself to fit their unique learning style and knowledge gaps.

The tutors are designed with machine learning algorithms in order to scale at minimal cost across thousands of subjects, and to work with millions of students.

We know that along with tackling the technical complexities of developing such systems, we must also consider the ethical implications of our products and services. Education is fundamentally built on trust, and we plan on retaining it through transparency and openness.

As part of our collaboration with university and government institutions, we have received the approval of the Research Ethics Board of the National Research Council of Canada. You can read more about their policies and selection criteria here

To understand what is happening with your data, and how we are using it, please take a look at our privacy policy.

Here is a breakdown of our ethics policy:

1. Addressing Bias and Prejudice

Diversity is one of our core values, seen clearly through the strength of our team. Korbit has team members representing multiple countries, genders, ages, different socio-economic profiles, and sexual orientations. We actively develop different methods to address and remove data biases. Our Machine Learning course is also free, and we ensure that our outreach efforts are as widespread as possible to get students from all backgrounds. We are building the future of education and aim to provide interactive, personalized education for everyone.

2. Transparency around AI

At Korbit, AI is used to provide interactive, personalized education for everyone. Our developed solutions are used to improve educational outcomes for our users, including the manner and order of course material delivery, and the ability to interact with the dialogue-based system. We will continue being transparent on the functions of our AI systems.

3. Human-centric

We are using machines and AI to educate humans, enhancing the lives of our users. We believe there are advantages in cooperative and complementary human-machine interactions. We will ensure that these are used in a sustainable way as our AI will not lessen or restrict human abilities, and instead extend and complement them.

4. Continuous Dialogue and Revision

Korbit is aware of the complexity and rapid development of AI, along with the challenges it presents. We will continue applying relevant industry best practices to further develop our ethics policy, which includes ongoing discussion and dialogue with stakeholders.