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Novel AI applications are being developed every day in fields ranging from healthcare, medicine, finance, commerce, entertainment and more. Position yourself for success by getting a head start in the field that’s reshaping the world!

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We have partnered with world-renowned professors in order to democratize high quality AI education.
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Machine learning doesn’t have to be hard. With Korbi’s help, you’ll breeze through the content and solve challenges at your own pace.
After completing the course, you’ll obtain a certificate that proves your skills to eager employers looking for talented ML developers.
The only prerequisite for the course is basic knowledge of calculus, linear algebra and statistics. No programming experience is required.



Unit 1: Introduction to Machine Learning
Audrey Durand will teach you the fundamental building blocks of machine learning, including supervised learning, linear regression, logistic regression, gradient descent, regularization, cross-validation and the bias-variance decomposition.
Unit 2: Introduction to Neural Networks
Yoshua Bengio will introduce you to the basics of deep learning. This module covers feed-forward neural networks, deep multi-layer neural networks, activation functions, the "XOR" problem, and the universal approximation theorem.
Unit 3: Training Neural Networks
Laurent Charlin will teach you how to train deep neural networks. This module goes over the important backpropagation algorithm, widely-used optimization algorithms, common optimization difficulties, data preprocessing and model selection.
Unit 4: Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks
Aaron Courville and Iulian Serban will teach you about convolutional neural networks (ConvNets) and recurrent neural networks (RNNs). This module focuses on the object detection and sentiment classification tasks, while introducing concepts such as convolutional and recurrent layers.

About Korbit

Korbit is the first company to offer a free, high-quality course on machine learning taught by an AI-powered tutor. Our Mission is to offer high quality, interactive and personalized education for the masses at low cost, anytime and anywhere. Korbi, the AI-powered tutor is real-time interactive and personalized, which is known to have a big impact on learning outcomes and user engagement. Our values are: Excellence, Effort, Diversity and Social Progress.



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